Yacht Accounts and Independent Review

Whether for pure personal pleasure or as a business venture, a Superyacht is a substantial investment in money and time.

So while the rewards of yacht ownership are varied and almost limitless, they are inextricably linked to hard financial considerations.

A yacht is a complex machine operated by a large team.

With so many areas demanding attention, are you really sure that all aspects of your investment are being monitored?

One area that you can’t neglect is your yacht’s accounts. As a minimum, mistakes or abuse can result in financial loss but perhaps even more seriously, it can destroy the vital trust between you and your staff.

We understand that you enjoy your yacht far more when you know that your money is being spent how you want it to be. But do you have the time to be directly involved?

We have access to a knowledgeable yacht focused team to take care of your yacht accounts who can provide a tailored package that produces your yacht’s monthly accounts using the method that best suits you and then reporting in your chosen format.

So, if you or a third party produces your accounts, as a stand alone service, we can arrange for you to have a professional and independent review of the accounts which begins by creating procedures that scrutinise and test the numerical and statistical information to the detail you feel comfortable with. Then, if you wish, you can request to see the findings which will be sent directly to you.